13 June 2011

demoReel RIG - jun 2011

[EN] This demo reel show a little about my dpAutoRig v1.3 MEL script and some jobs. I hope you enjoy it, thanks :)
[FR] Cette "démo reel" montre un peu sur mon dpAutoRig v1.3 MEL script et quelques travaux. J'espére que vous l'apprécierez, merci :)
[PT] Essa demo reel mostra um pouco sobre meu dpAutoRig v1.3 MEL script e alguns trabalhos. Espero que gostem, obrigado :)

demoReel RIG - jun 2011 from Danilo Pinheiro on Vimeo.


Glauber Belo said...

Really beautiful work! Worthy of high praise. Your dpAutoRig MEL script is the most useful and functional rigging tool I've seen in action. No doubt, you are one of the brightest Character TD - Rigger and R & D Programmer of the world.

We await more jobs!