20 March 2010

MEL script - dpAutoRig - v 1.3

This is a recorded video of a simple biped Rigging and Skinning processes of a character that I have modeled to demonstrate my MEL script dpAutoRig. I did this work in less than 1 hour!

Esse é um video gravado do processo de Rigging e Skinning de um simples personagem biped que eu modelei para demonstrar meu MEL script dpAutoRig. Eu fiz esse trabalho em menos de 1 hora!

MEL script - dpAutoRig - v 1.3 from Danilo Pinheiro on Vimeo.

Automatic Rigging processes with dpAutoRig - v 1.3:

   . guide
   . joints
   . controls
   . setup
       . scalable
       . clavicles and limbs with ik / fk blend
       . squash and stretch for limbs
       . manual controls and attributes for fingers
       . head and hands follow other body parts or world
       . mouth and chin controls
       . neck control
       . spine volume preservation
       . default skin from Maya
       . automatic forearm rotation
       . reverse foot
       . ribbons
       . proxy
       . extras:
          . hair or tail setup, etc

       . fk / "look at" controls for eyes
       . facial joints with controls
       . head with squash, stretch and bend deformers
       . face and GUI cameras
       . extras:
          . blendShapes mirror, etc


    GAMESOPHIA said...

    Hello Mr Danilo,

    I want to buy your dpautorig mel script. Why don't you just sell it in here or in creative crash?

    If you sell it in here, I want to buy it with PayPal for download version.

    I need it as soon as possible. Or maybe I can pay with whatever the way you want. I think it is more simple than Anzovin TSM and TFM.

    One question for you, can your rig running mocap data from Motion Builder? How to do that?

    Thank you very much. I am waiting your answer. Please email me at iwansuryo@gmail.com

    Thadeu Luz said...

    Poxa cara que legal ver isso. Eu tava achando que no Brasil todo mundo só usava max! :D Parabéns, bom trabalho!!!